Niigata Airport Building




The fertile lands of Niigata offer delicious water and rice. We have a wide range of produce from the sea and mountains, souvenirs and handicraft representing Niigata, and are also proud of our rich local sake and beer. Feel free to visit for your regular shopping and buying gifts.
* Consumption tax duty free shop
[Recommended Items]
Sasa Dango, Rice Crackers, Nureokaki, Seafood, Hegisoba, Drinking Yogurt, Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma, Local Sake, Local Beer, Wine, Traditional Handicraft, etc.
* Attention: Liquids cannot be carried into the cabin of all international flights.

Business Hours 7:15 - 19:30
* Subject to change depending on flight status

Japan Tax-free Shop

1FYamazaki ShopConvenience Store and Souvenir Shop

Airium Plaz

We support your travels with an assortment of travel goods, light meals, Niigata souvenirs, various goods and magazines.
[Goods for sale]
Niigata Souvenirs (Sasa Dango, Kaki-no-tane, etc.), Boxed Lunches, Sandwiches, Confectionery, Snacks, Drinks, Sake, Beer, Tobacco, Electronics, Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Stationery, General Goods, Stamps, Revenue Stamps, etc.
* There are no pharmacies in the building. Please prepare medicine for colds, motion sickness, etc., beforehand.

Business Hours 7:15 - 18:30
* Subject to change depending on flight status

3FDuty-Free Shop (INT‘L DEP) Souvenirs

Duty-Free Shop (INT‘L DEP)

* Only for customers leaving Japan.
Your favorite tobacco, perfume, imported brandy, and more. You can buy them in duty-free, before your departure.
[Goods for sale]
Local Sake, Food, Imported Liquor, Tobacco, Perfume, Cosmetics, General Goods, etc.

Business Hours
It corresponds to the departure times of international flights


Laox Niigata Airport Store

Please stop by before departure. Light meals, souvenirs and more available.
[Goods for sale]
Magazines, Books, Niigata Souvenirs, Liquor, Confectionery, Food, Snacks, Boxed Lunches, Rice Balls, Sandwiches, Beer, Coffee, Juice, etc.

Business Hours
It corresponds to the departure times of domestic flights